Work From Home & Earn Easy Money

Arora Bridal and Fashion Jewellery brings you a chance to affiliate with us and earn money just by sharing links. There’s no registration fee or any hidden charges. It’s a part time work which you can do any time as per your convenience. If you’re serious about earning some extra bucks, this is your chance.

How it works ?

  1. First, you need to place the request to affiliate with us by filling the registration form below. 
  2. After registration, you’ll receive your unique affiliate link and a discount coupon within 24-48 hours. You can start earning right away by sharing your unique link and coupon at any social media platform like facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. 

How much I can Earn ?

The Payout is calculated in 3 Levels in which system considers the number of visitors by your unique link, Sales made and frequency of returning visitors.
  1. Whenever your coupon is applied by any customer, the customer gets the required coupon discount and you receive 5% commission on the order placed.
  2. For every 50 visitors from your shared link, you get 100 points which can be redeemed for multiple offers/freebies
  3. Affiliates with good performance are rewarded with Free Gifts at end of the month which can be Extra Cash Bonus, Giveaways, Free Vacations etc.

Interested to Earn some extra bucks? Submit your details for registration below:

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